Perfectly Posh Mini Facial Instructions


Step 1
The Stripper

8 oz
What Is It?
An aggressive detoxifying deep-cleansing body mud mask.

What Does It Do?
Aggressively absorbs and removes free-radicals from skin. Soothes and slows moisture removal with triglycerides and vanilla essential oil. With continued use supports cleaner, brighter skin, fewer black heads and blemishes, and improved elasticity.

How To Use It?
Apply to rinsed, clean skin (lightly in more sensitive areas). Test on your inner-wrist before applying to face. Use for one to fifteen minutes. Rinse then moisturize. This is an aggressive, deep-cleansing product. Do not use on sensitive skin. Use once or twice per week.


Step 2
Look Natural — BFF: Best Face Forever Wash

4 fl oz
What Is It?
Gentle, daily, natural facewash and exfoliator.

What Does It Do?
Millions of microbeads gently scrub clean and remove dead cells while peppermint, cucumber, and grapefruit in a base of nourishing aloe carefully and naturally clean face and neck.

How To Use It?
Wash with water and a pea-sized drop once per day to clean and exfoliate neck and face naturally. Pat dry then follow with Night & Day or Don’t Mind if I Dew.


Step 3
Look Natural — Night & Day: You are the One Moisturizer

4 fl oz
What Is It?
Gentle, daily natural face and neck moisturizer.

What Does It Do?
Feeds face and neck oh so gently and naturally with olive oil, glycerin, aloe, and lavender oil. Softens, calms, and cares for the most sensitive skin.

How To Use It?
Use a pea-sized drop night and day, or as often as needed on clean, dry face and neck to smooth and soothe.
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Merry Posh-Mas!

Of course, every company on Earth is having Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Cyber Week deals and then some…right! Seriously! How many emails or notifications have you received this past week? Tons, right!?!!
Posh is no different!

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December also holds a Posh-tastic deal for anyone thinking about a second job! Decembers kit has double products! They’ve adjusted and added the BEST selling items but not just one of each, TWO of each!! Start your Posh career for ONLY $99 and receive it within 3 days! Sell your doubles and essentially get your kit for FREE!
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Can you make money with Direct Sales?

This is probably the million dollar question! Can you make money with direct sales? Specifically with Perfectly Posh?

The answer is an astounding yes and no! Let me explain!
I live in the Northeast and studies show that direct sales are at their weakest here. Why? I’m sure there are a million and one reasons for that. But with that being said, there is a tremendous amount of opportunity in the Northeast for any direct sales company!

In regards to Perfectly Posh, from the map I see there is one other consultant in NH and one in MA. None in Maine, RI or CT! Wow!! That’s what I call opportunity!
With any direct sales company there is an opportunity to make money. You get out of it, what you put into it. If you think you’re going to get your kit and magically get orders…its not going to happen. You have to market yourself, get yourself out there and get branded with your company in your community.

Whatever company you choose, good luck!

I can still smell the Brown Sugar Scrub

I took a bath earlier and figured it would be a good opportunity to use my new favorite Perfectly Posh Sugar Scrub “Brown Sugar Baby”

I took my bath around 5pm or so and here it is 9 hours later and I can still smell the sweet sweet fragrance of brown sugar! I love how soft my skin is and I especially love how non greasy it is. I don’t feel like I just slathered myself or my tub in grease. Unlike when I used another company’s sugar scrub.
Want to try some Brown Sugar Baby?

Message me your address and I’ll send 5 lucky people samples!!

Perfectly Posh Testimonial

Everyone likes to see and hear about true testimonials about products before they purchase them for themselves.

This is a testimonial for The Stripper face mask

She had been using the Stripper face mask, as directed. She detoxed her face of harmful items on her skin.
Link Here

This is a testimonial for the Argan Oil spray from Perfectly Posh. With one use and without a hair straightener, you can see the difference between the sides of her hair. The right hand side she used Perfectly Posh Argan Oil Spray the left side is without.

Perfectly Posh is always made paraben, paraffin and cruelty free. Made and sold exclusively in the USA!

What are Parabens?

Here’s a great blog post I stumbled across talking about parabens from The Good Human dot com

So, what are parabens, you ask? You may have heard rumors and saw news reports about how you should avoid parabens in the personal care products you buy, but you might be wondering why you should do so. After doing some research, I decided to no longer purchase any products that have parabens in them. Parabens can be found in shampoos, commercial moisturizers, deodorants, shaving gels, tanning lotions, sunscreen, cleansing gels, personal lubricants, topical pharmaceuticals and toothpaste, while they are also used as food additives in processed meats such as sausages. (Damn, who doesn’t love sausage?) A large percentage of the products we buy for everyday use contain some form of paraben, so it can be difficult to find products that do not use them. But what are parabens and what can they do to us?

What Are Parabens?

Parabens are a chemical compound of para-hydroxybenzoic acid and they are used as preservatives – that’s why they are found in so many products. They are used to fight bacteria and fungus, are widely available, and cost very little to manufacture and use. Nearly all of the parabens used as preservatives are man-made and not naturally occurring. Naturally occurring parabens have been found in blueberries, of all places!

Why Are Parabens Bad?

Now, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, I know that there have been studies on both sides of the argument about what parabens are and whether parabens are bad or parabens are safe. But because there have been studies that say that it is potentially dangerous and that have linked parabens to various cancers, I have chosen to take the precautionary route and not use products containing them when I can help it. Whether or not they are as bad as some say they are, I would always rather err on the side of safety when it comes to my body and health. If there is a more natural alternative, I routinely choose it instead.


Parabens can mimic the hormone estrogen, which is known to play a role in the development of breast cancers. Researchers have found parabens in breast tumors and believe there is a relationship between parabens and tumors. And in the July 2002 issue of the Archives of Toxicology, Dr. S. Oishi of the Department of Toxicology, Tokyo Metropolitan Research Laboratory of Public Health reported that exposure of newborn male mammals to butylparaben “adversely affects the secretion of testosterone and the function of the male reproductive system.” If a causal link between a chemical and cancer is not enough to avoid a product that can easily be avoided, I don’t know what is. There are a lot of other reports available all over the internet, but most of them are all related to reproductive health in some way or another.
The jury is still out on how and why parabens might affect development and growth of both babies and adults. But I decided a while ago to get rid of any products that have it and replace them with products that don’t. There is no harm being more careful with this kind of stuff – remember, things that were deemed safe in the past then came back to haunt us all when we were told that they actually caused all sorts of diseases. And when there are safe alternatives available, I would rather not take the chance that I or future generations develop strange reproductive problems from using a product that was avoidable in the first place.

So back to the initial question – what are parabens? They are chemicals we need to work hard to avoid, period. Be sure to shop for paraben-free products and foods whenever possible, and always read the labels on the things you buy.