The NEW Rain Mask

So I tried the Rain Mask tonight for the first time.

•It smells like beautiful fragrant roses.
•It’s advised to apply a fairly thick amount on your face and neck.

•You can keep the mask on for 60 minutes. The gel basically dries onto your skin. It doesn’t hurt or cracks and like I said; smells great.

•After 60 minutes in washed it off and my skin felt so smooth with the lingering scent of roses.

•This mask I give 5/5 stars and I look forward to the next time I use this mask.



Rose water and garden fruits and extracts love and plump skin with a rainfall of hydration at a cellular level. Love and nourish deep into skin and preserve health, moisture, and elasticity on the delicate skin of face and neck.

What Is It?: 

A luxurious and garden rich extract hydrating face mask.

What Does It Do?: 

Orbs of nutritious hydration and gentle as rain extracts feed and moisturize deeply adding plumpness and elasticity at a cellular level to delicate skin.

How To Use It: 

Apply generously to face and neck. Leave on for up to sixty minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water & pat skin dry. Use as often as needed.


Vintage English rose garden.



Vaccinium Myrtillus (Bilberry) Extract

Saccharum Officinarum (Sugar Cane) Extract

Acer Saccarinum (Sugar Maple) Extract

Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Extract

Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Fruit Extract

PEG 40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil


Potassium Hydroxide



Rosa Damascena Flower Water

Jojoba Esters


Sodium PCA




Sodium Phytate.

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Perfectly Posh Mini Facial Instructions


Step 1
The Stripper

8 oz
What Is It?
An aggressive detoxifying deep-cleansing body mud mask.

What Does It Do?
Aggressively absorbs and removes free-radicals from skin. Soothes and slows moisture removal with triglycerides and vanilla essential oil. With continued use supports cleaner, brighter skin, fewer black heads and blemishes, and improved elasticity.

How To Use It?
Apply to rinsed, clean skin (lightly in more sensitive areas). Test on your inner-wrist before applying to face. Use for one to fifteen minutes. Rinse then moisturize. This is an aggressive, deep-cleansing product. Do not use on sensitive skin. Use once or twice per week.


Step 2
Look Natural — BFF: Best Face Forever Wash

4 fl oz
What Is It?
Gentle, daily, natural facewash and exfoliator.

What Does It Do?
Millions of microbeads gently scrub clean and remove dead cells while peppermint, cucumber, and grapefruit in a base of nourishing aloe carefully and naturally clean face and neck.

How To Use It?
Wash with water and a pea-sized drop once per day to clean and exfoliate neck and face naturally. Pat dry then follow with Night & Day or Don’t Mind if I Dew.


Step 3
Look Natural — Night & Day: You are the One Moisturizer

4 fl oz
What Is It?
Gentle, daily natural face and neck moisturizer.

What Does It Do?
Feeds face and neck oh so gently and naturally with olive oil, glycerin, aloe, and lavender oil. Softens, calms, and cares for the most sensitive skin.

How To Use It?
Use a pea-sized drop night and day, or as often as needed on clean, dry face and neck to smooth and soothe.
Check out the online catalog here

What’s hot and what’s not…

So there are some things happening lately at Posh!!
For one some new packaging for our Snarky bar

Tea Tree and Neem hair mask is back ordered for approx. 3 weeks <—- because its so freaken' amazing!!

Sassyooma is no longer with us; its been discontinued

The 5 winners of the iPad mini have been announced and their prizes have been shipped out!! No sadly, I didn’t win! But I’m happy foe the ladies who did win!! Congrats!

This weeks prize is to win one of five iPod touch! To enter all you have to do is host a Posh party with me! Online, Facebook, pinterest, portable or in home. I have to enter pictures of the event and the order number and if we won, I’d gladly give the iPod touch to the host of the party! The party HAS to close (end) Saturday 1/25!! How super freaky fantastic would that be to win!!??!!? Plus January is double hostess perks!! My last hostess walked away with $70 in FREE products and 5 50% off products!!
Contact me here to set up a party!!

Personally, I’m looking to win the jacket!! So in addition to your double perks you also get the two Perfectly Posh products shown for FREE!
There’s only 1 more week left of giveaways to win this week and next week!

So think about it! And CONTACT ME

Winter Weather Drying Your Skin

Winter has to be the worst! You’re cooped up inside most of the time and your skin takes a beating.

I suppose every season has its pros and cons. I suppose I just enjoy the warm sunshine and heat of the late spring, summer and early fall in New England vs. The harsh cold of the winter.

I still use BFF daily to wash my face I’m just applying Day & Night Facial Moisturizer twice a day during the winter. My face feels so tight without moisturizer.
How about you? What do you use?

Click here for the Perfectly Posh website

Indulge yourself Bath & Body

Time! Time is always of the essence! Some days there’s not enough time, while others there is way too much time! I guess its all perspective, right??

I’m the mom of 2 little ones under 5 and we have 3 Lhasa Apso’s who don’t necessarily like each other. So I feel the not enough/too much variance all the time! Sometimes within the same day.

Today I’m gathering my samples, Posh catalogs and sending out a couple product introduction kits and portable parties. Bath and body products are great! You get the perceived thought that your indulging yourself with some great body washes, scrubs, lotions and slathers. Especially, when most of the time you never goto the bathroom alone. Sometimes you just have to celebrate the fact that you’re alive, the kids are alive, everyone’s been fed, bathed, clothed and such celebrate the little things they say. 🙂

I think I’m going to start some individual product reviews. What do you think? Then we can celebrate the day together.


January deals are insane!!

This is definitely the month to host a Posh party! Double Hostess Perks and great freebies from Posh too!
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