Organize Yourself

I thought I was organized. I thought I had it going on. I mean, I have a smart phone with a calender so I should be able to keep everything straight.

Who was I kidding? I was still jotting notes down on pieces of paper and stuffing them in my pocket. Smart phone or not. And I have quite a bit of things to keep organized. My family, my husband’s landscaping business, my advertising business and my Posh business plus all the incidentals; finances, meal planner, exercise planner.

Truth be told if you want to get stuff done, you have to write a list. Goals, short and long term.

I needed a paper planner. Either one I bought all ready done or files that I needed to print. I really didn’t care which just as long as it did what I needed it to do. Organize and simplify my life.

So I started googling…have I ever told you I Google everything…and I mean everything. I was recommended to thr ARC system ARC System. Really cool but not for me. The Erin Condren system is BEEE-UTIFUL!! Erin Condren System Maybe when they come our in June or July I’ll pick one up. They’re a bit expensive but people who use them swear by them.  I like that alot!

There are a lot of great planner printable available on Etsy just search life planner and a bazillion (totally sarcastic) okay alot of life planner printable a will come up. I suggest buying a kit vs buying it piece mail. You’ll usually get the best bang for your buck that way. I choose a life planner from Kelly Bangs Creative etsy shop and it’s called the Life Notebook available to be seen at Kelly Creative Bangs 123 pages of planning awesomeness! The other one I purchased was Polka Dot Posie Print. She has different sizes and different options. She sells a calendar planner, Direct Sales Planner, Small Business Planner, Etsy Shop Planner, Budget Planner, Fitness Planner and more. She will even do custom work for you.





What I’ve chosen to do is to print everything. See what I use and when I put it together for next year it will be that more personalized.

I found a Blog Planner printable for FREE Blogger Planners there’s a couple shown on this site. One of them I’m sure will fit your needs.


What planner or means of organizing yourself and your business do you use?


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