Why you Should Host a Direct Sales Party

More than likely you have friends who sell Avon, Amway, Origami Owl, Mary Kay and other direct sales business like these. Do they ask you to host a ” Night In”, “Spa Retreat”, “Party”??

Do you run and hide or do you accept the challenge and say yes?

Why run and hide? Take that challenge head on. Do your friend a favor and host that party. You po royally get together with your friends on a semi often basis…why not have a reason..other than the norm? So you may have to do a little extra cleaning…like your house doesn’t need it. You may have to purchase a couple bottles of wine, some cheese or little extra snacks. You like your friends to ear right?

So back to the why. Every direct sales company offers perks of some kind. Some may be free product, some may be discounted product, some type of incentive to get you to host a party and allow them access to your friends and family for sales. Remember they are doing this (selling something) to make a little extra money…Some even this is their main source of income. Usually consultants offer their own gift to you along with the company perks to host a party.
There are a lot of direct sales companies out there from home decor, make up, skin care, jewelry, clothing…you name it. A direct seller or independent consultant is no different than going to a brick and mortar, catalog or internet business to purchase your items. Only you get the personal experience of one sales person for you and your guests. Isn’t that a nice feeling. To be catered to…

What kind of parties can you host? And what are they?
• In home
• Portable
• Catalog
• Social Media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter ect…)

An “In Home” party means you invite people (friends and family) to your house or restaurant and the sales consultant will bring her bag or trunk of products to share, play games and such. There’s prepping before hand and clean up afterwards
A “Portable” party means the consultant will give you a hostess packet of some kind, samples to share and catalogs to share. You collect orders and submit them to your independent consultant within a pre decided period of time.
A “Catalog” party means your given a hostess packet of some kind and a catalog to share with friends and family.  Again you either collect orders and submit them to your independent consultant or direct them to either a party link or your independent consultants website to place an order.
A “Social Media” party means that the independent consultant coaches you on how to set up a party, how to get your friends and family on social media involved and excited/engaged to attend. Your hostess may set up the event online and add you as a host. Where you would put the instructions and introductions together. You would set up games and such and again coach your hostess to get her social media friends and family involved. Orders are usually placed through the independent consultants website, questions and answers are spoken of during the event. You may have an online event open for two weeks but the online portion or live portion will be pre scheduled and advised to attendees. Reminders and follow ups are key here. Also getting and keeping your hostess involved. Have you ever seen a post that you like or agree with but hold off liking it because no one else likes it yet. A social media party follows the same principal. How engaged and involved you have your hostess is how engaged and involved his or her friends will be.

So…wanna host a Perfectly Posh pampering retreat? Message me! THROUGH FACEBOOK or THROUGH MY WEBSITE




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