There is No Rest for the Weary

Do you ever feel that way? The harder you try the harder it is to find 30 seconds for yourself. It’s always give give give and never anything in return??!!??
Well I’m tired! Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, hubby’s been out snow plowing all day and I’m sure he’s tired too but 5 minutes alone and not pretending to be “going to the bathroom” would be great…wouldn’t it? With a 5 year old and a 2 year old (who acts like she’s 12 or so) life can smolder into turmoil pretty quickly at times. I suppose being sick (I think I caught a darn cold) can make even the most trivial of things suck.
What do you think?


That’s Fluff she got her hands on in like 2.3 seconds. I think she’s secretly a ninja.

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