Allergic to Something

There is nothing more aggravating than having an allergic reaction to … something.
So I’m a creature of habit! I have sensitive skin which tends to be on the dry side and about a week ago I noticed I was starting to become very itchy on my legs, arms and face. This is so bizarre to me because I don’t use anything on my face, other than BFF and the moisturizer. But I’ve been using them for weeks and there hasn’t been a reformulation…I normally use Dove bar soap (creature of habit talking here) but I made the mistake of picking up Oil of Play soap and using it. At least that’s what I believe caused the skin irritation. I’m still not sure!!
Nothing else has changed. The laundry detergent is the same, the shampoo and conditioner are the same, no new vitamins or medications…and its itchy as all hell. I’ve used oatmeal bath, medications and nothing to no avail.
Well I’m going to keep trying and please…hope and pray for the best.

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