Indulge yourself Bath & Body

Time! Time is always of the essence! Some days there’s not enough time, while others there is way too much time! I guess its all perspective, right??

I’m the mom of 2 little ones under 5 and we have 3 Lhasa Apso’s who don’t necessarily like each other. So I feel the not enough/too much variance all the time! Sometimes within the same day.

Today I’m gathering my samples, Posh catalogs and sending out a couple product introduction kits and portable parties. Bath and body products are great! You get the perceived thought that your indulging yourself with some great body washes, scrubs, lotions and slathers. Especially, when most of the time you never goto the bathroom alone. Sometimes you just have to celebrate the fact that you’re alive, the kids are alive, everyone’s been fed, bathed, clothed and such celebrate the little things they say. 🙂

I think I’m going to start some individual product reviews. What do you think? Then we can celebrate the day together.


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