Merry Posh-Mas!

Of course, every company on Earth is having Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Cyber Week deals and then some…right! Seriously! How many emails or notifications have you received this past week? Tons, right!?!!
Posh is no different!

There are deals going on through 12/7 such as Bows on Bombs for $39 6-great bombinators all in various scents! Split them up, 6 different gifts with some chocolates for $39…and shipping is ONLY $1

Or our Tickled Pink Bundle for only $79 Posh’s 6 best pink items, bundled saving you $24! Its like getting the Sugar Fix for FREE! And again, shipping is ONLY $1

December also holds a Posh-tastic deal for anyone thinking about a second job! Decembers kit has double products! They’ve adjusted and added the BEST selling items but not just one of each, TWO of each!! Start your Posh career for ONLY $99 and receive it within 3 days! Sell your doubles and essentially get your kit for FREE!
Plus (I know, there’s more!!) Posh has just introduced Posh Academy! One of Posh’s Rockstars is now Posh Academy Headmaster and her goal is to offer you the skills to Rock your business from Day 1!!

I’m available to answer any questions you may have! Email me here
Or Order from Perfectly Poshed in NH HERE


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