Does Paraffin contribute to Skincare Breakdown?

You wake up to the itch of  dry scaly skin, and so you dutifully apply moisturiser believing you are helping your skin.   Recent research though has identified cosmetic ingredients as a contributor to dry scaly skin.
What most consumers are not aware of is that common ingredients in cosmetics and moisturisers that can damage your skin barrier over a period of continuous use.


Creams that contain mineral oil and paraffin have been shown clinically to damage the skin barrier and increase moisture loss from the skin over a 7 week period of continual use[1]. The researchers suggest that the effect of the hydrocarbon cream may be due to the lipids in the cream interfering with the intercellular lipids in the skin and affecting their barrier function.
The problem is the majority of moisturisers and bath oils sold for dry skin are made from mineral oil and paraffin.  These ingredients are cost effective which increases the profit margins for manufacturers.
The solution for sufferers of dry skin is to purchase products that contain vegetable oils.  Particularly oils high in gamma linolenic acid.  Gamma linolenic acid has been shown to suppress inflammation.  Good examples include Hemp Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Borage Seed Oil.  These are the richest sources of gamma linolenic acid known.
1. Source: Archives of Dermatological Research DOI 10.1007/s00403-008-0906-6  Long-term treatment with moisturizers affects the mRNA levels of genes involved in keratinocyte differentiation and desquamation Izabela Buraczewska, Berit Berne, Magnus Lindberg, Marie Lodén, Hans Törma

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