Tips on Marketing Your Business

Are you in direct sales and feel like you’re posting on social media for nothing? Hours on hours are spent talking about your business, your products…so aren’t a lot of other direct sellers! You’re not the only consultant with __________________ (fill in the blank with whatever company you’re associated with)

You have to brand yourself and get you AND your business out there! Out where? In your community! Sure people say that they receive most if not all of their business from social media or online sales and while that may be true…do they ever tell you where they post their business or how many times they post their business…I’ll tell you, they post ALOT! I don’t know about you but I don’t have a free 10 hours a day to post my business online.

The best way yo market yourself is to make and distribute flyers, attend local community events, distribute samples, work with other direct sellers and try to merge your business marketing (you do a little for her and she’ll do a little for you), post lots of pictures, think outside the box!

What are some of you’re ideas to help other DS market their business?

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