Making Time for You

Who would think that making time for yourself would or could be so difficult!


As a parent, what little time you may have (not a given) is usually spent on someone else anyways. So here’s the million dollar question…how? How can you carve out a little time for yourself while still juggling the other 50 things you’re doing too?



You really have to almost make an appointment with yourself. Family eaten – check, kids bathed – check, hubby watching TV – check, kids in bed – check…its ME time!!
Run to the bathroom, start drawing that bath, grab the All Mixd Up bath salts, add in your favorite fragrance or effect and paint on a detoxing face mask. You’re ready to relax with a sugar scrub! Soak until the water gets lukewarm and get ready to rinse off and slather your favorite Posh lotion on.


Need a little help pampering yourself or the ones you love? Shop with me and Posh shop for your pampering products here you’ll thank me later! 😉


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