Where do You Find Your “Me Time”?

Don’t you feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes? Between running around and getting ourselves ready for the day but the kids, the husband, the dog and getting a reasonably healthy dinner on the table in the evening, preferably before 7pm, there just isn’t enough time!

I admit it, I shake my head at the ladies who are put together and their kids are acting like angels in their super cute, clean outfits. I sit in disbelief and a little jealous lol

My kids are happy, healthy and very vocal little kids. They truly love life; of which I’m greatful for! 🙂 But there are time, sure, that they’re insanely running around the grocery store and they’re laughing while I’m crying on the inside.

I think that’s what drew me to Perfectly Posh originally. I love the smell and feel of nice lotions, scrubbing the day away with a gentle sugar scrub or a great, natural face wash. Its the time out of the day, I feel like I’m taking a minute for myself, not necessarily by myself.


BFF my favorite face wash! It has those small micro beads to gently scrub your face. I have sensitive skin and even from the beginning its hasn’t irritated my face.

So, for you moms who can “do it all” in 24 hours, I salute you! For those who can’t, like myself, keep trying or face the reality of it!! Those little people don’t stay little forever and there will come a day…gulp…when they won’t want us there. If you’re in the market for a new lotion, yummy smelling bath salt or fabulous slather…think Perfectly Poshed in NH

This picture cracks me up every time! Raise your hand if that’s you lol I know its me

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