What does your skin need?

Ever look at your skin in the summer or winter and think you could write your name on it? Dry skin is never good! Think if your skin is dry, then your body is dry!

Hydration and a great moisturizer can really help quickly restore your skins natural balance.


I recommend using a good sugar scrub a couple times a week in the shower. Then a thick slather to moisturize and keep all that good moisture inside and safe.


A great pampering move is to use a thick slather on your feet. Right after you get out of the shower! Dry them off, add the slather then put a pair of socks on! The slather will soak into your skin adding a layer of thick moisturizer and it’ll soften the skin. *Always remember to wash your feet while your in the shower. You don’t want to add layers of lotion an no soap (yuck!)


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