Pampering Posh Box Party

Do you want to escape the chaos of everyday life? Do you miss seeing your friends? Does it feel like kids, work and everyday stuff take up your entire life and you’re left without any time for yourself?

Why not schedule a night out with your friends or a night in, if you really can’t escape…grab some wine and a Pampering Posh Box Party??


What would you get in your Pampering Posh Party?
@Samples of Perfectly Poshes best selling items
@Posh paper, a newspaper that shows you and explains all our great products
@Loyalty cards
@Your hostess packet explaining what Perfectly Posh is all about, What your hostess perks are ect…


Its so easy to host a party this way. You get your sample bags, pass them out to your friends and family, see if their interested in ordering, submit orders and get your FREE and Half Off Perfectly Posh products for YOU!

Contact me to sign up to host a party Facebook Page or Order Here

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